Naturallyou Success Stories

Naturallyou Success Stories

Isabella looked pretty healthy when she came to see me, but had a few underlying issues that needed sorting. Changing her lifestyle was quite a challenge, and in the first 2 weeks she had serious detox symptoms and became quite anxious, but pushed through and 6 weeks later, she is radiant. Her monthly period is light with no pms or depression; she has more energy and her skin has improved, looking smooth and silky.

Sarah "Caryl, I am so blessed to have met you in January this year. When I came to you, I was horribly unwell – very tired, unmotivated, riddled with food allergies and unclear on how I would ever feel better again. After my consultation with you and receiving the inspiring program you created, I immediately started following it. After a few short weeks of going completely raw, I felt on top of the world!! I couldn’t believe that after trying so many diets and detoxes that it was so simple!! I must admit, that the first weekend, I was a bit scared to think how I was going to do this all by myself when everyone around me was eating “normally”. So, I asked my wonderful boyfriend to try it out with me. He took the “raw” challenge on and to his utmost surprise lost 22kg in less than 2 months!!! Both of our skins were so soft and clear, our eyes sparkled and people were absolutely intrigued to know what we were doing to look so well. Of course, we sung your praises! ? We have stuck to your healthy eating ways and still feel so energetic and motivated for Life! It’s amazing that by changing the way you eat, your mind becomes clear and you start dreaming of all the possibilities and challenges you feel strong enough to take on! We have both set awesome goals for ourselves and are well on our way to achieving them. Before we met you, we would waste so much time resting and recovering from our unhealthy eating. Caryl, I am so grateful for meeting you and having the courage to apply your wisdom to our lives. I truly believe that our lives have been healed and all that we can look forward to is a lifetime of abundant happiness and energy. Thank you so much!" Sarah has been healed of candida too, what a bonus!

Sherie "You have no idea how much you have inspired me to change. For the last 4 weeks I have eaten more fruit than I have ever done; and the big bonus in that is I don't seem to have the same chocolate/lolly cravings. My diet has been about 70% raw; the other 30% is made up of cooked millet (my new favourite grain), steamed vegetables and baked kumara/potato/pumpkin (no oil added!). I feel fantastic; and have lost I'm guessing 4 to 5 kilos (I'm not big into weighing myself; I just go off my clothes) I can't believe how clear my mind/thinking is!"

Hayley "I'm off the pill, and I think my skin looks slightly better than even when I was on it, which I love! The biggest difference I used to notice when I didn't take it, was that I struggled with my energy levels. But on the diet, my energy has never been better! I especially notice it after lunch - I don't have that after lunch lull, which is great!"

Ineke "I want to thank you, Caryl, for all your support over the last 7 months. I consulted you in July 2010 because my blood pressure was too high and also my cholesterol levels. I use medication to keep this under control. My GP wanted to increase again the dosis of my medication for cholesterol. This was for me a point I wanted to make changes try to bring the level of cholesterol down in a natural way. I followed strictly Caryl's life style changes and was on a vegan 'diet' up for several months and now I am on a vegetarian 'diet'. I also followed Caryl's cooking classes and got inspired by this and learned how to make exciting meals without meat. I dusted off my own vegetarian cooking books and since then I started enjoying cooking again. I cleaned out my pantry and got rid of a lots of stuff and replaced it with healthy food. Also overhauled my herbs and spices and use these daily. Now, 7 months, later I feel like a new person. My blood pressure is perfect 120/80 which was 145/95 before. Still on the same medication but over time I hope to lower this. My cholesterol is down and within in the normal range of 4.3 down from 6.4. I still use medication for this but this was halved from 80 to 40 mg. And an added bonus is that I lost 12 kg in weight! I could not have done this without the help and encouragement of NaturallyYou, Caryl. Caryl is always there for me when I need help and promptly replies all my emails. This was very important, especially in the beginning. It is not an easy way but I do not look back and will continue. Many thanks!"

Joy "When I made an appointment with Caryl, I was not ill, but had realized that if I wanted to be healthy, and live to 100 yrs with a clear mind, I would have to change my eating habits. Exclusion of sugar and caffeine from my diet left me extremely tired in the first month. My taste buds adjusted, and I now cannot cope with sweet treats that I used to love. I feel much healthier and my mind seems clearer. I also cut down dairy and restricted gluten and animal protein intake. My skin has cleared up and I have not been sick all winter, even though most of my work colleagues have had flu. The bonus is that I have lost more than 5kg (8% of my weight), and I have never gone hungry, just been disciplined in changing my eating habits."

Rachel "I would highly recommend Caryl's nutrition coaching sessions. I attempted a week long detox under Caryl's guidance. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be! That was all thanks to daily contact with Caryl with written notes to guide me. I couldn't have done it without the awesome ideas to help me with my afternoon cravings, being a long time chocoholic! The foundational healthy eating advice that I learned from the sessions has helped me continue with eating more raw food. I am not perfect at healthy eating yet and I do slip back to my old ways, but I know how to get back and how to easily include more delicious raw food in my diet. Her sessions really helped me to change my mindset and made me realise that it all comes down to choices and my determination to have a healthy lifestyle."

Belinda "What I really like about this eating plan is that you are not limited to the amount of food - I eat until I've had enough. I'm feeling great - I'm not tired anymore, my arthritis is a thing of the past, and I lost 5 kgs into the bargain. My health has improved, and I have so much more energy than before."

Maurice "As a child I had asthma which I outgrew, but 2 years ago I developed a tight chest and shortness of breath and was told that I had asthma again. I was given a preventative inhaler and a bronchi dilator which I took for many months with increasing doses, but this did not seem to help or give me control of my symptoms. My nasal passages were also often blocked.
        The more severe medical problem was a strong family history of heart disease due to a genetic predisposition, whereby our livers made too much cholesterol. My father passed away from a heart attack at the age of 53 and my brother had a heart attack at age 42. Fortunately he survived and had surgery - two stents inserted. I am 47 and feared that I would be next.
        I had tried various cholesterol reducing medications over the years, but could not tolerate the side effects. The statins caused muscle weakness and started affecting my liver. My cholesterol reading was 8 by the time I approached Caryl at Naturallyou.
        I decided that I had nothing to lose and strictly followed the eating plan that was advised for 6 weeks. It certainly took some getting used to and advanced planning to ensure that what I ate was appropriate. Over time I noticed that my nasal passages were clearer. My asthma symptoms to date have all but ceased and I am not on any medication at the moment.
        I did lose weight which wasn't an issue, but over time I had more energy.
        Most importantly my cholesterol went from 8 to 5.8. I was very surprised and pleased that by following a strict diet, including abstaining totally from all animal foods, could actually make such a big difference.
        I certainly feel more positive about the fact that there is hope for those with high cholesterol without having to go the medical route.
        A huge bonus was the regular feedback from Caryl who was only an e-mail or phone call away.
        Much appreciated"

Jenneth removed refined foods from her daily diet, this included all confectionery, ice-cream, pies, chocolate, basically anything that had sugar and white flour in it.
These are her comments:

"My face started clearing up within 2.5 weeks and my hay-fever has diminished.
My period happened without any 'announcement'. Hardly any pain, and no mood swing. I didn't feel lethargic or over-tired as I had usually felt. A very smooth experience for me.
I have been quenching my cravings for chocolate and other tasty treats by having frozen banana/berry smoothies on just about a daily basis.
I never used to eat bananas but my sweet tooth cravings has driven me to eat bananas regularly too :)
I also have been eating many fruits throughout the day instead of my usual cookies, muffins or muesli bars.
A major change this has brought about is the amount of money it has saved me weekly!"

Ineke started combining her foods properly, in other words, she was not eating potato, pasta or rice in the evening meal together with her meat. She also cut down on her wine intake, and started having more raw fruit in the day. In 6 weeks she lost 8kgs, her flatulence and discomfort after eating completely disappeared. She is amazed at how much energy she has.

Colleen "I did a major detox for a week ending with a 2 day fast. With the help of Caryl who had provided me with a week's menus with accompanying recipes, it was easy to follow. I was amazed at how my taste buds came alive. I started really tasting the foods. I was eating plenty of salad and fruit and enjoying it! What was great was that I felt full, yet not that heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach that one gets from eating starches and meat together. In fact I felt great. I felt alert. Like I got my BRAIN back!"

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