Overview of The Natural Way

Overview of The Natural Way
A Healthy and Uncomplicated Way of Life:
(as devised by » Mary-Ann Shearer)

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The Natural Way is a lifestyle rather than a diet, a simple and logical approach to optimum health. In other words, sound, uncomplicated living habits including sufficient rest, sunshine, exercise and correct nutrition are emphasized. It's about developing healthy habits, getting rid of the not so good ones and enjoying the many resultant benefits, including better general health, improved or complete recovery from minor and more serious ailments, increased energy levels, and a clear mind. Learn to listen to your body. group of fruit

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It's not just what you eat, but how it is eaten that can determine whether a meal is comfortably digested, and equally important, how well your body is able to utilise the nutrients available in the food eaten. When foods are eaten that feed the body on a cellular level, especially when exercise becomes a regular feature too, you find that you tend to eat less, feel more satisfied after a meal and are therefore less likely to be on the look out for something else to munch.


Ripe fruit is alkaline in the bloodstream and is so easy to digest because it is what we refer to as a partially digested food, which means that it is in its most simple form easily assimilated by the body. It is the best source of glucose to correctly maintain blood sugar levels. High in magnesium which helps your muscles relax - in turn helps cope with stress. It also satisfies the craving for chocolate and sweet foods!!

Whilst you need protein on a regular basis, you do not have to eat animal products to get your daily protein requirements, rather make sure that you eat adequate quantities of fruit and vegetables.

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picture of apricots Did you know that all fruit contain protein and fats and calcium for that matter?
Research shows that animal protein is generally consumed in excess of what is required resulting in cancers, osteoporosis, heart disease and many other diseases. If there is sufficient intake of complex carbohydrates and fat in our diets, very little protein is actually needed. Best carbohydrates are from raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Foods containing essential fatty acids include avocado, olives, cold pressed vegetable oils, raw nuts, seeds, and sweet corn on the cob. Your metabolic rate and therefore your body weight is entirely controlled by the endocrine or hormonal system. This system is reliant on the regular (daily) intake of these good fats.

Food combining: One of the most significant differences you will discover when you begin to make changes to a more natural diet and implementing this aspect, is that of increased energy and wellbeing. The feeling of 'lightness' instead of the usual heavy feeling after a meal will be a welcome surprise. Concentrated proteins are those foods which contain 15% or more complete protein, and include all animal products, such as meat, chicken, fish, eggs and cheese, excluding butter and cream. Nuts and seeds also fall into this category. Concentrated carbohydrates (starch) is usually a food with 20% or more carbohydrate content for e.g. potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, corn on the cob, and all grains.

For example an evening meal of animal/flesh foods should be eaten with a variety of simply steamed or baked vegetables and a huge salad. On alternative nights, have a starch with a good variety of vegetables and salad. Remember to start each meal with something raw. You will find that the salad is so satisfying that you tend to eat a smaller portion of the cooked foods.

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Some Product Recommendations:
strawberries It would be a good practice to obtain a juice extractor and drink a glass of vegetable juice every day. The juices extracted from fresh, raw vegetables and fruits are in a form that the body can easily digest and absorb the nutrients to feed the cells immediately. Of particular importance is carrot and beetroot juice. Carrot juice supplies the body with a host of vitamins, and beetroot is an excellent liver cleanser.

If you don't have time or the inclination to juice, then you could consider using Aim's excellent products. 3 Highly recommended products are:

AIM BarleyLife ™, Aim 'Redibeet'® and Aim Just Carrots ™. A combination of these three juices provides a simple way to add natural, healthy nutrients to your diet. These products are not supplements, but rather, a concentrated food, made from organically grown vegetables. They provide the body with chlorophyll, most vitamins and minerals, including calcium and iron. They also contain valuable antioxidants - the fighters of free radicals.

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Another beneficial product is cold-pressed Flaxseed Oil, considered one of the most concentrated sources of essential fatty acids, vital for correcting the entire hormonal system. It is especially an excellent source of Omega 3. This product is available from your local health and organic food stores.

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Exercise is essential to becoming healthy. If you are not already doing some form of exercise, start with 5 to 10 minutes and build up gradually to at least 20 to 30 minutes DAILY.
Walking is an excellent form of exercise. Walk briskly, but not so fast that you are out of breath. You should comfortably be able to talk to your walking partner.
If walking does not appeal to you find something that does and get set to make it an integral part of your day. GET MOVING!

Have a DAILY minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of gentle sunlight either early morning or late afternoon. It benefits your hormonal system in a host of different ways. It also helps you feel good and sleep better.

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Don't expect to make all the recommended changes overnight. The Natural Way is a lifestyle and one should keep looking back to see how far you have come, rather than be concerned with how far you still have to go. Make changes a little at a time, becoming more confident as you experience the wonderful results. At the same time make a conscious effort to discontinue any detrimental habits.

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