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Once you have decided to change your lifestyle, a Naturallyou support group is the next step. In the intimacy of my home you can enjoy 4 weeks of fun filled cooking classes where you decide whether to get your hands 'dirty' or just relax and enjoy a demonstration of healthy and delicious recipes. Anyone serious about making a lifestyle change will find these classes inspiring, fun and easy to follow. Recipes demonstrated are vegetarian with plenty of raw and fresh to tantalize the taste buds. At the end you will go away feeling confident that ‘you can do it’.

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What People say about the classes:

"Great course. Great food " Sue

"The course covered a wide range of topics. Really enjoyed every aspect. Thank you " Sarah

"It was inspiring and fun filled. Thank you Caryl " M

"Even better than the first workshop! The recipes in this workshop have been fantastic; loved learning about dehydrating; love listening to you!! Will be back for more..... " Sherie

"Your recipes are very easy to follow - I have made at least one from each of the sessions and we have all enjoyed them, thanks Caryl " Corinne

"It was fantastic, we loved it. Very inspiring and some great basic ideas to begin with. Really helped me continue the changes I have started to make to my lifestyle. Thanks " Susan

"Keep up the good work, I enjoy all the way through " Cora

"So much to learn, even 2nd time around. Absolutely Fabulous! " David

"Go on to Marster chef! " Elissa

"Excellent. I really enjoyed it and am embarking on a new era for myself and my children and our eating habits, thank you " Gabrielle

"I absolutely loved your cooking classes! You have no idea how much you have inspired me to change. For the last 4 weeks I have eaten more fruit than I have ever done; and the big bonus in that is I don’t seem to have the same chocolate/lolly cravings. My diet has been about 70% raw; the other 30% is made up of cooked millet (my new favourite grain), steamed vegetables and baked kumera/potatoe/pumkin (no oil added!). I feel fantastic; and have lost I’m guessing 4 to 5 kilos (I’m not big into weighing myself; I just go off my clothes) I'm hungry for more info, I can't wait to go to bed to read my books each night! " Sherie

"It has made an incredible difference. I have lost weight and feel healthy " David

"Thoroughly enjoyed it"Nancy

"I really enjoyed the class and so did the girls. I am definitly going to go and try making all the recipes over the next few weeks. Thanks very much for a great and very enjoyable time. You are also a good advert for good food because you look very healthy! Well done!! " Warren

"Absolutely fabulous!!!"

"Thankyou for your information, confidence in your information and the lovely meals. Great classes, Caryl " Gaynor

"Just absolutely love it Caryl!"LB

"I really enjoyed the classes and I will definately be coming again! Thank you " Anna

"Thank you very much. I enjoyed this course as much as the other ones I have done and really appreciate the work you put into the course!"Deirdre

"I loved the course, sorry that it has finished. I certainly have changed my diet. I have lost about 3 kilos, just from no coffee and wine! Best wishes " Jane

"Absolutely Fabulous!! Would I come again? Yes!! Would I recommend? Yes! !"J

"Very enjoyable classes. I'll be back" LV

"Love the classes and definitely will come again. Thanks for an enjoyable 4 weeks. " DO

"Excellent classes. Great value for money. Very friendly" MGA

"Picked up a lot of extra hints and ideas which was great. Like the size of the group. Everything was well prepared and thought out. Newsletters and information were very informative, " SD

"I found the sessions very encouraging and have looked forward to coming each time. Just great reinforcement of things I've already learned as well as aquiring knowledge of things I didn't. Life will never be the same!! " CG

"These classes have been great and encouraging. The recipes are a great help and used almost daily. Thank you so very much - I will miss these is like going out for dinner every week! " IK

"The course is great.....the classes are interesting and varied and I just loved all the goodies - freebies....definitely value for money!! " SL

"To make healthy food is easier than I thought. The venue is very homely. Go for it Caryl, you're great at doing this! " J

"I would definitely recommend these classes. I learnt a lot about a healthier and tastier way of cooking. I learnt to read labels of ingredients while shopping" C

"I loved meeting Caryl and hearing what she is doing. Her recipes are so easy to follow and has inspired me to make my food at home more interesting. Excellent thank you" M

"This class has been above expectation, I would like to continue in future" C

"Excellent, homely, cosy, comfortable and welcoming" J

"I attended a series of demonstrations at Caryl’s home last year which were focused on helping us to understand nutrition and enable us to cook simply and healthily with a wide variety of ingredients.
The course was fabulous with just the right mix of information, practical tasting and fun!
I learnt a lot about ingredients that I had not used before and was encouraged to taste a wide range of preparations. There was lots of individual help too and Caryl went out of her way to find information for individuals needs.
I was also part of the ongoing monitoring of diets and really enjoyed finding out how the different food groups affected my overall wellbeing.
I would recommend Caryl’s course to anyone she is knowledgeable and straight talking about your diet without being ‘pushy’ or judgmental. I found it really useful." Estelle

"Thanks very much for the cooking demonstrations, Caryl. The delicious and varied recipes you put together, complete with hints on preparation, really reinforced the theory of food combinations and other good eating habits that you had explained. You presented everything in such a fun, easy and relaxed way that, until I looked at my notes, I hadn't realised just how much pertinent information you had provided us with. The demos have given me a much broader knowledge of the healthy options available, where to find them at the shops and how to present them to the family in appealing ways." Sheila

"Just dropping you a note to say how much I enjoyed your demonstration lessons on healthy eating. I found them clear, very well prepared and well presented" Ena

"Most enjoyable! I learned a lot of new tips and especially how to prepare some vegetables, pulses and other foods I had never heard of nor knew how to prepare or combine them! It was great being able to sample and taste them afterward too! (I’m still dreaming about having my own blender to try some of those yummy smoothies and make my own hummus!!)" Gina

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